What speed of downloading is wateen revival 2mb package

Dear friends:

Can any one tell What speed of downloading is wateen revival new 2mb package.


i have 1 mbps pkg but m getting 2 mbps :) i have 100% signal strength plus special tuning etc .


special tuning?

I am using buckeye. Do you know its user name and password?

What is sepical tuning

yo! What is the special sett. to make your conn 2Mbit? Settings hardware related or software related?

nothing special actually , just set max MTU rcv window size in windows reg. etc etc .

No PANGA with the device at all . and m getting sometimes 2 mbps and sometimes 1.6 to 1.7 mbps . But i think this is good enough and unlimited too .

Main thing is the place where u r using the device , if you are lucky in that then you will get the better performance .

same device i used in other area with the same settings etc but i got 1.1 there . So place matters .

how to set max MTU?

try AVG PC Tune up

i am getting arround 1.5 MBPS at average on 1mb package.

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try AVG PC Tune up


tried that AVG PC Tune up but am still at 124 kByte/s. maybe that is so because my signal strength is low i.e., CINR=18, RSSI=-70dBm