What sort of games i can play as per given specs, take a look

GPU x-ray


CPU x-ray

Currently i am downloading games in size around 500mb to 1gb and they mostly works but later i downloaded some games size of 4gb to 5gb and few of them working smoothly at medium to high settings its confusing please help me in how to choose right game according to the specs because I wanna buy few games over steam

Thanks for your time


You have a decent PC. All that's missing is a proper GPU.

So you either buy that and enjoy gaming, or you play the kinds of game that seem to be working for you...

How i can upgrade GPU its laptops

Oh right, my bad, i just took a quick look at those pics.

Well, can you tell me which big games are working fine on your lappy? I can suggest similar type of games for you.

Football manager

Street fighter x tekken (high settings 60fps)


GTA IV San Andreas

Code 4

Resident Evil 1-4, Prince of Persia 1-6, Splinter Cell 1-4, Tomb Raider 1-7, Need For Speed 1-10, GTA 1-5, Call of Duty 1-3, Harry Potter 1-5, The Elder Scrolls 1-4, Age of Empires 1-3, Half-Life 1-2, Hitman 1-4, Max Payne 1-2, Spider-Man 1-3, Moto Racer 1-3, Alone in the Dark 1-4, etc...
Note: Most of these should work, but some may not.
Happy gaming!

Thank you master of the pc gaming I'll try these

Long live gamers