What problem could be with my line or pc

what problem it could be with my pc?

whenever i download a torrent speed goes up to 250Kbps and 700Mb movie finished dl in approx 1 hour :D

But when come in to browsing and dl something from websites speed remain very slow and all other things like webcam voice chat skype runs quite fast and not giving any voice flicking troubles in

when to check the speed in speedtest.net there it displays slow speed too but some times it shows upto 2Mb and low pings

(I am on 2MB)

I need exact this speed on my Browser downloads :(


I am having the same problem today. Bandwith on 1Mb connection is mostly limited to 0.70 - 0.8 MB. Maybe its a network wide issue.

Check here:


I mostly get a full 1MB on speedtest.net

^ try download some torrent and see if it your speed remain same as in browser or in tests (i am getting over speed in torrent) that couldn't be problem in Network

I am on Jolicloud at the moment. Trying to install a Torrent program. Download speed in Chrome was 60kb. Download speed in Jolicloud App Installer 100kb. It happens sometimes, used to happen with me on LDN too. Browsing speed and normal downloads were slow but Torrents were fast.

Torrents use multiple simultaneous connections that results in max speed, while direct downloads use single connection that can be slow.

Don't trust those speed test sites, they rarely show you the right connection speed.

You are right speed test sites some times shows max & good results and some times not

try to check speed on www.ping.eu/bandwidth