What number is this?

Got a few messages from a number which is something like this : 0507 685 ****. Wont tell the last 4 digits :P. Anyway so what is this number? From some device or something?

Thanks !

And what were those msgs abot? o.o

I think its from UK, why don't you ask him/her? :P


Well the msgs were private :unsure: . No the number started from 0507 and then 7 more digits. I dont think any country has 0507 as the country code? Plus for most country (i think every country) you have to dial 00 or + before dialing the number so if you get a call from outside you would get a + or a 00 before the number. No?

I think this is a number from some device or something. Maybe skype or something similar?

many online (VOIP) paid sms services gives option to send messages with users own/costume name or numbers, so it could from this...

I've used a kind of app in mobile which sent messages with my own Number/Name

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I think its from UK, why don’t you ask him/her? :P


ditto on that

I receive call from UK with 05 prefix but never got any sms.


FYI UK calls have a 0044 country code. If you recieve a call or sms from UK either the number displayed would be 0044 or replaced by a local Pakistani number.

Source: experience.