What modem should i ask from ldn

i need wifi enabled as my other speedtouch modem died few mins ago

answer is none. go buy yourself modem with router and save 250 rupees on LDN bill.

LDN don't sell you wifi modem they rent you one for rs 250/month so you don't own it and has to be returned at the end of service or upgrade.

read the bottom fineprint


which modem brand/models are known to work best with LDN?

First of all you should check whether the line supports DSL or not.

I remember once I suggested a friend to purchase DSL supported router for getting dicount on DSL and in hurry he purchased it too but the lines parameter were not that good and ultimately he had to turn back the router to the shopkeeper.


How can we check that?

ask the dsl guy to check if the line parameters are good or not.

line attanuation and noise margin figures will sow if the line is OK or not.

Does LDN Guy can be asked to check this?

Well take a new connection and if it worked well than get a dsl supported router.

Only Rs.150 will be costed in the present month. After that you will be having your own.

Now go for it instead of just thinking.

sorry for sounding dumb. So what i need to do is ask LDN to send their DSL Guy to check line stats, regardless of results i would not have any obligation to get the DSL. righr?

Well yes they do send their guys to install.

Just be little gud to the CSR and the guy who visits and they will check the line parameters for you.

In my case when I got installed LDN at my czn's place we shared our table of lunch with him and after that he became namak halaal towards us.


Now you may try to make them namak halaal towards you. lal.

imran is looking very expert, thanks imran to share information with us, keep it up