What modem for limiting usage/download speed on ports

Hi everyone.

I have ptcl dsl modem AN1020-25.

I have 4mb interenet which cost Rs.2500 aprox. I have given a connection to my neighbour for 500Rs. The user use too much torrenting and streaming sites all the time.

They are close family friends so i had to give them internet.

I want to limit him to 1mb quota. I dont find any option in settings. And i cannot install any software on users system for access control.

Please tell me any modem MODeL number and price that can let me limit the port speed.

I dont want to restric IPs coz i use wireless as well, and the ip is assigned randomlly.

Will very much appreciate.


If you search the forum, you'll find many options! But, I'll list some down below:

- your current modem does not support bandwidth limiting feature! It may support QoS that, if it works, would only reduce the problem as you assign p2p lowest priority

So you would have to go for a new router and again a number of options exist:

- buy a router with the b/w limiting feature builtin ... some zyxel, asus, astoria routers come with this feature

- buy a router that supports dd-wrt, openwrt or any other custom firmware that allows b/w shaping and limiting ... various models ... you'll have to search compatibility dbs and reviews

- use an old pc/laptop as a router with a router based distro (os) ... from untangle to m0n0wall ... you'll have to follow guides and these may not be beginner friendly!



dear u should buy a router and bypass Lan wire from it.suitable tenda n150 (rs 1200 only) asus u10 etc

above model can control flow the trafice between LAN and wifi both

even u can define par cleint download rate