What linux distro is the best?

Hi guys,

Can you suggest me a linux distribution?

I thought about linux mint, opensuse, ubuntu, kubuntu?

But which one is the best and why?

kind regards,

one word: Ubuntu

It depends on the user's preferences, usage & experience with linux. For newbies, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mepis etc are best. For intermediates, Opensuse, Fedora, Debian etc are better. For Advanced users, Gentoo, Slackware, Arch Linux etc are preferred.

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one word: Ubuntu



OpenSUSE if you want KDE. I use it and it rocks!

I think openSUSE is the best according to me.Because it is very simple as compared to others and provides great hardware support.

UBUNTU, especially if you are a newbie to the Linux world . Most popular Linux distribution and also has tons of documentation online. Excellent User Interface and now supported directly by many leading PC manufacturers like DELL, Acer, etc. Comes pre-installed (as an option) in many of their famous laptops.

Depends on the user. For me Arch is best. For newbies, go for ubuntu or fedora.

What do you want from your Distro?




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Slackware. It has "that" kind of feel.

Linux Mint. Everything just works out of the box. It will require minimal user input to make everything work.


Ubuntu or LinuxMint

ubuntu easiest of all linux distro.