What is your favorite TV show?

This is the funniest and smartest thing that television has shown in decades. The irony used in the show is so brilliant and so well written between smart jokes and scientifically facts that the average American is curse never to get it (and probably hates the show) but this is an original, intelligent and fascinating series that watch The Big Bang Theory Online.I can't not wait to see every week. Let's just hope CBS does not. i really full enjoyed to watch this TV Show. I always Watch The Big Bang Theory regular.........

Teddy Sim Sim on Geo

My favorite TV Show is Ugly Betty .I totally disagree with the critics! This show was stolen from Devil Wears Prada and it lacks all the class and humor of that movie.Ugly Betty is Awsome.I Watch Ugly Betty online . I love this show finally an ABC show where the main charcter is likeable. Susan and Merideth are not likeable at all. America Ferrera deserves an emmy nomination but the win should go to Marcia Cross this year.

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Teddy Sim Sim on Geo

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well my Favorite tv show all the time is hum sub umeed sa hain which is being telecast from the Geo Tv and its one of the most funny tv show of politics of Geo tv and i don,t want to miss its any episode . and mountain dew reality show is also one of my other favorite show of ARY Digital tv .

Mine favourite TV shows are Dexter, Dancing With The Stars, Glee, Friends, House M.D., American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Simpsons, The Office and The Big Bang Theory.

the boardwalk empire, lie to me and sons of anarchy

How I met your mother and modern family...two of the best shows ever.

My favorite TV show are Game of Thrones,Doctor Who ,Grey's Anatomy ,The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Criminal Minds .

Current = Game of Thrones. Past = Prison Break without last season

i like sex and the city show ....and desperate house wife. doctor who series.and khabarnak on geo.

I downloaded season 3 of TRUE BLOOD its #$%^%$# awesome tv drama

Yes man True Blood is a great show....loved it!!! Best vampire series ever.

favourite show is just dance

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Yes man True Blood is a great show…loved it!!! Best vampire series ever.




Azizi Rocks.

My favorite TV show are Bone and House.It is great action drama.

My most favorite TV show currently is Hasb-e-Haal on dunya tv.

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