What is up with this blog template?

The template was working fine until suddenly the featured posts slideshow somehow 'spilled' over on to the rest of the page.I didn't tamper with it, and I even uploaded the original template again, free of any edits I'd made. Here's the blog; can anyone figure out what happened and how I can change it?

I would try and increase the width of the post area

and see if the spillover remains. I'd be surprised if

this does not go away.

There are 4 widths involved here. One is how wide

the whole blog will appear on a browser's window.

That's usually set to 100%. Second, how wide the

working portion of the blog (post area + sidebar)

will be, as a whole, and then individual widths inside

of it, like post area and sidebar, ie;

( working are width = post area + sidebar area )

First increase the working area and then the size

of the post area, respectively. Good luck.

Sheikh 'Blog-pana' Chilli

I think I've done what you suggested--increased the size of the gallery and post area, decreased the sidebar width.


Then I added the code for the second slide.


Same problem. And the title doesn't change either--no matter what I select, it's always the second slide.