What is this upgrade joke from ptcl?

PTCL keep having these stupid upgrades from time to time


WTH :angry:

last time ptcl did this i didn't even know about it and i got 4mb bill which i called them and canceled and yet they kept sending me for 2 months, they don't even cancel the upgrade after caling and it's a nightmare to revert back to your own connection,i didn't ask for this upgrade so why the hell do i have to call them and revert back :angry:

Call 1236 and tell them revert me back ,csr will ask you why do you want to revert back tell him will your dad gonna pay for 4mb plus the taxes.

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chor companies

A bunch of thieves, it's really that simple.

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the joke part is that i never got 4mb speed not even one day...i'm not even getting 2mb speed which is my connection let alone 4mb.

and now i have to call them and beg them to revert me back to 2mb, only having to do this is making me angry and blast this damn ptcl

i swear this country wont exist on the map of the world one day.