What is this card thing,. DSL is not working for last 3 days


my DSl is not working for the last 3 days. called my exchange they said they changed the cards. everytime i call them they say that it will be fixed soon. now its 3ed day and nothing. what is this card thing and does it take that much time to fix.


Ah they upgraded their systems from punching cards to magnetic tape! Pretty soon they'll be running on those fancy rotating platter hard disks!

called the DSL guy, he said 95% work has been done and will visit you tommorrow.

what he will do on his visit, is there anything he will configure???

Nothing just goli bazi. BTW where are u from?

Goli Bazi ???? What is this, you mean khatir tawazo. lol

I am from Faisalabad.

remind him 11am then he said he is infront of the system and checking my number and status. 1pm called him again, still working. now i don't know what type of working he's doing.