[What is this] Bioenergizer card

Dear WP friends

I need ur help for the following;

A sales guy came to my office last evening and demonstrate this card.

How does it work? Is it a Spam or what?



^No, he is not selleing anykind of drugs with this card.


2nd picture shows the importance of water for life.

Is main card ka to koi function ni.

Keep your hydration good

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So, how does it work? I think, place the card in your mouth, press the nose thrice, and the card will start working on your body just like ATM card. Then your body will be ATM machine.

you are partially correct, the card actually doesn’t go in the mouth but it get swiped in some other part of the body, this is the iranian technology, these type of ATM machines are found all over iran. check out the persian ATM demonstration video