What is the current law in Pakistan about using mobile phones whilst driving?

any idea ever you caught on highway and got fined how much was that?

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any idea ever you caught on highway and got fined how much was that?


On what highway, G.T. road, Motorway, or something like that?

There is different challan for different violations within a city on different vehicles. On motor bike, it is 200-300 rupees. On car, it is 300-500 rupees. And on truck/bus, it is 500-1000 rupees. If caught using cellphone during driving, it is 200, 500 and 1000 rupees on these types of vehicles respectively.

I never answer any call when I am driving. I never SMS when I am driving. The only thing that I use on cellphone while driving is Google Maps. But if I have to input or search anything then I park car on the side of road before doing so. If someone else is driving and they use cellphone then I first tell them politely to stop it and if they don't then I snatch cellphone out of their hand and cut the call. Yeah, I am that rude to save lives.

AFAIK, it is a crime to use cellphone while driving in Pakistan. Probably, one will be fined by police if caught using cellphone while driving. It's not just fine to be feared, please don't risk your life or lives of others by using cellphone while driving.

Using cellphone while driving is as equal as driving drunk, Mythbusters proved that.

WHy don't you use Vlingo on andriod or Siri on Iphone 4S if you have any of these phones.

I don't know about you guys, but i simply use my bluetooth headset while driving, so I can answer any important/urgent calls safely.