What is the best thing to store and get profit?

let me know what is the best to store for 6 months or more to get the highest return with less risk .

kindly post serious comments .


National Savings new scheme is coming on De 1, 2010.

Lets see what profit rate they giving. I heard it must be 13.xx% something (t-bills rate will be used).

^What is the current percentage? I can't remember it was it near 11?

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i would recommend not to do hoarding of daily usage consumables, we already having high prices of several necessities just becoz of hoarding

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let me know what is the best to store for 6 months or more to get the highest return with less risk .

kindly post serious comments .


Currency, what else?

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^What is the current percentage? I can’t remember it was it near 11?


Defense Savings DSC 10 years

Special Savings SSCR 3 years maturity.

Regular Income RIC monthly profit of Rs.927

Behbood Savings BSC specific for 60+ person. Rs1220 monthly.

i already have National savings certificate (special ones) the rate is already revised from october 1st , i didnt hear that it will b revised again ! where u got this news that from dec 1st the rates will b revised ??

actually i dont want to waste my excess money , so need to invest anywhere , where it is safe . Because manufacturing is totally flop here so cant take risk to manufacture anything , i m already in shares business but u all know the situation of share market here in pakistan ! Sugar is a good item to store but my inner isnot permitting me to do so as this is a general use item . no matter how much quantity i would store but after all this is the matter of humanity .

Regarding currency , i m not agreed because one can make much more money as compared storing dollars / yen etc /

Silver is a good thing this time, m planning to invest in silver , i can see the up n up n UPPP trend in silver very soon !


Read again my post carefully. I said that a new scheme is coming on Dec 1, 2010.

Adding more:

It will be a short term scheme may 6 months for those who don't like long term maturity investment.

As far as evision of NSS rates is concerned than its revised after every 3 months. So it will be revised on 1st Jan, 2011.

ok noted , but here i already asked the tenure around 6 months or more , its ok for me. any how .

well right at the moment i would say "Rice" the current price for super quality(Basmati) rice is nearly 2100 Rs per 40 KG so the price would rise to nearly 2700-3000 Rs in next two months, :D

Once you are done till feb then you can get into potato business. As in February potato price is nearly 5-7 Rs per KG. You can buy and store your stock in a cold storage usually available in the same area where they are harvested, and costs you like 5-6 Rs per KG for 6 months. In August-September price of potato reaches to 40-50 Rs per KG. So you can imagine how much you could make.

But Buying a good stock is bit technical work and selling your stock also requires some links in the whole sale market.



There is nothing wrong in it. If you no one stocks it. None of us will be able to eat potato in summer season :D

^^ yes have done this potato thing 2 years back , nd i stored in okara (the hub of potato growing area) the draw back of storing potato is that you HAVE TO rely on cold storage , m based in karachi and the humidity conditions are not like that we can store potato her ein karachi on hyderabad regions , so we have to store these in punjab side , main thing is the distance , cant attempt frequent visits to cold storage to monitor the stock ! mor eover i have inquired with the insurance companies as well they dont insure cold storage items , specially potatoes !

I m a huge landlord alhamdoLILLAH , wheat is about to cultivate , i stored sunflower seeds , got some profits too ! but the main thing in that is we loose much oil contents when store the same , well any one of you who has some jan pahchaan with a good and reliable cold storage wala then do let me know please . I did just for checking 2 years back , also visited chooniya area and bought from the field directly . but the main badluck i had was the cold storage was not good enough as they claimed when i signed the contract with them ! so i need a good cold storage ! i would appreciate if any member refer some good cold storage wala banda :) thanks.

our family also does some farming n particularly potato in sialkot, n we also hav a cold store , though i m not much interested in farming , due to less electricity no 1 guaranteed loss less storage of potato last year , see what happens this time around, i ll happy to help u any way possible,

I think storing edible things to earn profit is against the teachings of our Religion as well as laws of Nature, If you are a "huge" landlord, don't steal others food rather donate it!

I really appreciate your feelings , and alhamdoLILLAH i do this and WILL do it on large scale as well once i will b called as a real ISLAMIC COUNTRY citizen. as its not possible to donate in the current scenario. Hope u understand . what we can do we are doing for humanity but after we also to look our family too ! More over its better to store than waste !

think over it .

potato idea is good when electricity is available as potato must b stored under 7 degree C and if the temp goes out of range then the glucose deposits will b increased and sweetened the potato ! some times rot .

i do store KHALI for milking buffaloes / cows but the rate of return is not much smart ! inflation is great these days so i m still seeking the best commodity to store !

You can always store "GOLD", people from ancient times also used to store it and this commodity never let them down :P

yes u r right dear , investment to profit ratio is very less ! thats y i mentioned about SILVER !

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I think storing edible things to earn profit is against the teachings of our Religion as well as laws of Nature, If you are a “huge” landlord, don’t steal others food rather donate it!

Agreed! Its also unethical, immoral and callous. Unfortunately this has become a “acceptable” form of business in this country. Many people went rags to riches by following this route.

agreed , but what if one is living in unislamic country where there are no islamic rules to follow , Please dont divert this topic to islamic or unislamic , i asked for the suggestions if u have u r welcome if u have not please read this ONLY , thanks