WHat is the best ptcl broadband or evo

Dear friends:

Iam the customer of Wateen. Because of very poor service i am going to goodby Wateen. Iwant to join Ptcl. Please tell me what is the best broadband or evo. my idea is in favour of evo. Ptcltower

is about 3.5 km away my house. boosters are also on tower.Please give me following detail.

1: What is the best evo usb red or black

2; What is the minium and maximum speed of downloading as reality

3: Is speed decrease at night and what speed becomes at night hours

4;Does youtube high qualitty videos and hd videos play smoothly

5; If signals are one or two are they can get full by intena and with full signals what will its downloading speed

6: What is its browsing position

go for ptcl dsl

ptcl is crap these days. you will have many problems with it. go with worldcall , maxcom or lindotnet.

Don't go for Ptcl,it got bull crap browsing speed.Youtube doesn't work properly on it.Streaming is damn slow...it doesn't load normal videos so forget streaming HD.Heard positive remarks about Linkdotnet or nayatel if you're in Islamabad.