What is PTCL up to?

PTCL has block www.imdb.com too, What is PTCL up to... I think its not an "internet" provider anymore. Just a country wide network provider.. Its block every other site with each passing day. What happened to the "Freedom of information"?

Wow man imdb is blocked..block this whole #$%^%$# #$%# country for the whole world which is good for nothing

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hahaha.. Banana Republic...

and Google and all it's services are no longer working in Pakistan. *Welcome to the stone age, My fellow Pakistanis* :)


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and Google and all it's services are no longer working in Pakistan. *Welcome to the stone age, My fellow Pakistanis* :)


Its not working from 3 hours in Pakistan and salute to PTA with both hands especially Q/A department of PTA

google.com.pk is still down in Pakistan but google.com is working in Pakistan

and gmail.com is also UP now


Why did google block IMBD?


IMDB blocked in pakistan, The popular Movie Reviews websites has been blocked in Pakistan in a surprising move by the ministry of information.

The ISP PTCL and the Telecommunication body PTA has yet to provide an offical statment for closing down a website that falls so outside of their regular parameters of closure.

From the buzz that we are hearing from the internet, we hear that the webiste IMDB has been blocked from pakistan solely becuase there were negative reviews on the webiste for the Movie waar.

If that is true this is a new low for PTA and PTCL and an infringements on the rights of internet users everywhere since the Banning of the wbeiste falls way out of the parameters set forth for their restriction clauses

is pakistan heading for the same kind of online censoreship that led to the revolts in syria and middle east, or can we expect cyber enforcements of the likes of china, will they start locking people up in jails next for blogging about important issues where will this end.

Being a techie and a movie fan i personally rely on IMDB to provide an honest critique of a movie, and that ususally ends up being my deicision to go out and see it.

PTA in banning IMDB has opened up a whole new can of worms, if it was a mistake on their end it can be forgiven and forgotten but if it is another indefinite ban like the one they have posed on Youtube and if steps are not taken to ensure that there are policies and consensus votes from the general population or sensible bodies on taking such decisions in the future

We might end up falling headfirst into complete and utter digital isolation the likes of which can only be suffered in a less than democratic totalitarian regime, where even viewing websites that are banned can earn you a prison sentence.

Apparently PTA banned IMBD because of some negative reviews on movie Waar, by Butt Hurt Indians and Aman ka Tamasha fan boys.

so Pakistanis who are giving postive reviews to Waar which lead to 9.0 rating, would be left out...

this makes me wonder if people at PTA are mentally retarded or what. With friends like PTA, who needs enemies. Government of Pakistan should seriously revisit the employees they hired in PTA. Their IQ seems to be quite low and have a distorted sense of reality.

We are still using this #$%# ISP ,what options do we have except this mf ptcl.

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They have imposed hefty taxes on broadband too.. to fk with them.. jahil gawar are ruling us.

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interesting that people blame ISP for blocking imposed by PTA

whats the big deal anyways, anyone and everyone is using a vpn. unless they start blocking all the free vpn providers their censorship ambitions will fail.

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interesting that people blame ISP for blocking imposed by PTA


Then whom should we blame? USA?

He says that PTCL is only implementing what PTA had decided. (Though, the same PeeTCL has defrauded us off $800 million and govt. did squat about it)