What is photography considered in Paksitan & the image of a photographer?

I would like you to share your views....

A person who take photographs on marriages or birthday parties! :)

And there are still people living who consider it haram! lols!

Photography considered in Pakistan as a Art....photographer is someone who can take something we might see in real life every day and never notice and has full experience of operating dslr cameras with manual controls+ knowledge of lenses & lights, I would say a photographer is about 90% artist 10% technician.

people those take images in parties weddings they are not photographers cuz they take snapshots and a good photographer can only explain what is difference between snapshots and in Photos

i`d wanna know some more perspectives too... :)

Look generally(I mean Mostly/Locally) Photography is just for memories.....

There are few groups in Flickr that actively take part in Photography Runs and trips to different places/events... you might want to look it up there

People/Parents in Pakistan only consider better or give valuable comments to those who makes good income from these profession like.. photography calligraphy etc but if some in those do it just for fun and share or as a hobby then people/parents might say he is an idiot and wasting the time cuz they only want their son to become Doctor (3 Idiots)