i m using Zong, after some days my phone shows "LIMITED SERVICE" message . no call IN/OUT. even no service center number or message delivery. problem exist for more than a week..

any one know about this ///


get your phone checked.... seems its antenna got damaged

or may be u r out of covrage, which fone are u using?

Do you have Sony Ericsson? Limited service basically means there's no coverage from Zong, but the phone can access the other network's signals and can perform a limited number of functions (function, rather) such as calling 112.

As shaheerk already pointed out, Limited Service message appears whenever your operator's signals are unavailable, but your mobile can get some other network's signals for emergency calls only. It seems to be Zong's problem, as some other users also experience signal related problems with Zong sometimes.

Yup... as others told you.... its just ur phones way of saying, "no coverage".

Nothing wrong with ur phone.

Its zong's problem.....

problem in zong signal every where whn you are under roof / shelter / shade.

in open its fine ,

so all the zong community is to b requested to please cone on the roads :)

Just put any other sim in ur cell phone and check that you still get that error or not...

You will come to know that what is the problem