What is going on with my line?

This isn't possible. My SNR values were below 20 mostly since two weeks. Now I am getting this:

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Can somebody please explain what is going on here?

According to SNR Margin / Line Attenuation sticky post, anything above 29 is considered outstanding. But this is way higher than that!

Btw, the speed i am getting on browsing is pathetic. Its like 10kb per second.

Damn thats awesome in a way if its real. Do you have PTCL's modem with attainability check?. Cause i'm guessing that they have either dug up and laid new wire in your area or hooked you on a gud pair or even ONU.

@rnathbatra There is something wrong with your attenuation though.

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@rnathbatra There is something wrong with your attenuation though.

thats my suspicion too…cause you may remember back in Shiro the SNR values got screwed somtimes…but if they are stable values and ain’t changin on restarts that means its OKAY and GUD aswell.

Its a TP Link Wireless Router. The SNR Margin is now back to 16 for Downstream. But the line attenuation is still the same after one day.

@ Mazahyr

Its a LDN conneciton with a TP Link Wireless Router.

i got your point...Attenuation won't change since distance is fixed, but slight change of 3-5db may be possible. But that hike in SNR is suspicious there may be two possibilities.

i) Your line may be capable of that much SNR but due to bad line or may be through external factor your line was induced by that noise and at time when you noticed this change, that external thing was powered off. This factor can be easily detected when electricity is gone.

ii) the value seemed quite unnatural therefore it might-be a short time glitch noticed by the router.

Try checking the values through another modem i.e provided by LDN. see if any difference noticed.