What is dsl bonding?

what is dsl bonding and how its works , if multiple dsl lines we bond than whats happen and how much bandwidth we can get

well there are 2 kinds out there, one is load balancing and the other a bonding device.

Load balancing can effectively combine the speeds of DSL / Cable etc when downloading from P2P, rapidshare etc, but for a single download it uses only of the links. A good example for a load balancer would be http://www.peplink.com and there are many out there.

Now it gets interesting with broadband bonding, and the only people i know who do that are http://www.mushroomnetworks.com/product.aspx?product_id=1002 with this device you can combine the speeds of even a single download by using all the internet sources you have, the device accepts 4.

mushroom network guys let me VNC into their computer in the US, where i was effectively controlling a computer (and watching everything happen live on my screen) over there connected to multiple DSL lines to show link bonding... was pretty cool...

personally i would go with BB bonding as opposed to load balancing...