What is a free and easy to use web site builder?

Please suggest an easy and free web site builder software for creating a small (5 page) business web site using templates.

I remember my first website created through dreamworks. Now it is acquired by Adobe. You can also try Microsoft’s publisher which is more easy web publishing tool. By they now days CPanel hosting provides online web publishing tool through which you can publish your site without writing even a single code.

yeah, CPanel option is much reliable and hassel free when going online.

Thank you. Finally went with WordPress on cPanel as it was available on the hosting site. Got the website running but need to learn how to transfer the site from PC to Server and back for editing, as editing on server is slow and modification securities need to be disabled and reenabled each time on server.

may be helpful for you, below is a link (topic is something like what you are looking for) of forum of cPanel where we can get many help
cPanel Forum Link

Try WordPress…!

If you are working on theme files then its easy, just edit your theme files on your pc and upload it on your server. You can’t manage your site on pc and then upload it back to the server as the Wordpress settings are maintained on database which is on your server.