What Hardware?

I need something for back up power for my Computer and for my TV+PS3. I dont need to just have power just enough to safely shut down my computer, i need backup power for atleast 20-30 minutes. Reason is, if im in the middle of a game online on my PS3 then if light goes or i quit the game, i am awarded a 3-0 defeat which is very frustrating plus my DNF%(Did not finish) also rises. So help me out here guys.

Which device can do this for me (UPS?) and how much will it cost? Ill be buying 2 of these devices, one for my computer and the other for my TV and PS3.

I had the same issue, as soon as the light goes, my 360 would turn off losing all in game progress. I hooked up an Alfa 1 kva ups to it and my dvd players. It gives me about 20 mins backup on the console and the dvd player running alone gives about 60 mins. The LCD is not connected to to it though, 1 kva is not enough for a tv plus a console. Depending on the type of TV you have I think you would need atleast a 2 kva ups for a 15 min backup (tv plus console).

My computer is hooked up to a 2 kva unit and it lasts about 25 mins with everything running (lcd, cable modem, cpu + graphics card).

dude get a 2kva "STABIMATIC" ups it should give u atleast 20-30min backup time......

where do you live by the way? i mean in which city?

Am in karachi as my profile states :).

Anyway so thats 2 2KVA Ups ? How much will that cost?

My TV is not a very big one. I dont know exactly how big it is in inches but its from Sony and its pretty much the normal type of TV's ...

Plus the UPS im buying for my computer is 1. For protection of hardware and 2. I need the router and DSL Modem to keep running so that my PS3 is also running with the 2nd UPS and my router and Modem also running simultaneously when light goes.

dude dont get two instead get a larger one......

bigger tv does matter but the thing which matter most is wheteher its CRT, LCD or Plasma then its manufacturing date..... cuz newer model are specially designed 2 consume less power as its a new requirment from the world authorities due to global warming n stuff......

i think a 3.5-4.5 kva one would do the trick

get stabimatic one i recommend it cuz i have used it....... u know at regal sadr Zubair Electronics are the dealer/distributors of stabimatic....... i 2 bought mine frm them......

No i have to get 2, because i play games online and if light goes then the game is finished and i am awarded a 3-0 defeat in Fifa 08.. So my plan is to get a UPS for my computer and another for my PS3 and TV upstairs. So the UPS downstairs with my computer will also keep the modem on so that i dont lose my internet connection and the upstairs UPS will power my PS3 and TV so that i can finish the online game that i am currently playing.

alamode you seem to be a tharki gamer hain?

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alamode you seem to be a tharki gamer hain?


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alamode you seem to be a tharki gamer hain?

Haha no i only play games on PS3, Played MGS4 and now i’ve forgotten all about Fifa 08 otherwise i used to play fifa 08 for like 5-6 hours straight online !!!

The thing is when im on a winning streak of 10-12 games and then when during a game the light goes or my connection gets disconnected, my streak is lost plus my DNF% goes up and plus i lose alot of Skill points and also alot of ranks… Currently ranked in top 1500 in Fifa 08. It really pisses me off when i lose a game because of my connection or electricity.