What Happened To The "New Movies Arrival On Torrents" Thread by ShuAk?

Hi there, can anybody shed some light on where that thread of ShuAk has gone into hiding, because it’s not where it’s supposed to be. Or am I missing a trick ?.

Has it’s “subject line” been changed ?.

ShuAk has spent a lot of time bringing us latest arrivals on torrents over the years, which, let’s face it, is the only way most of us watch any movies nowadays. In that respect it was a valuable guide.

I hope it re-appears soon. My best to all wired members, who seem to be ensconced in their warm razais over this winter.

Sheikh 'Awaaz Dey KahaN Hai!" Chilli

Here’s the link to the thread you’re looking for: Hi-Def/Bluray Movie Releases for Torrenting Community

It seems like it’s either been removed by the admin(s) or it has been lost during forum transition.

Yes, this is the thread. If it had been lost during trsnsition, then I wouldn’t have been able to browse it on this forum, until a couple of days ago.

The admins will usually lock threads. They don’t make it disappear, like namaloom afraaD.

It’s a mystery now.

Sheikh ‘Inspector Jamshed’ Chilli

Check again.

There we go. Back in business. Mystery solved.

Thanks @Asad :+1:

Sheikh ‘Abra Cadabra’ Chilli