What happened to Najam Sethi program

what ever happened to najam sethi program, since the start of 2011 i haven't seen his program on TV ?

He has joined GEO !

I think not but his program was really good.

Yeah, I heard he joined Geo: http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=3168&Cat=13&dt=1/7/2011

Geo is best in the business of news.......

Dunyna news is now 85% express news but in blue colour.

yeah dunya news is following the same kind of things as the express news,

Samma rocks.. next is Dawn.. nd then the rest..geo just creates hype... like before the 9 oclok bullitin tickers..

one thing really surprise me about the samma news, that they got very rare footages of the incidents but other channels dont... recently in the case of Mumtaz Qadri...

^ Number one is PTV home

^^ Its cuz they are profffessionals :P

Btw there is this old guy who does politics shows on cnbc.. the one who interviewed Pervaiz Musharraf aswell on CNBC.. tht guy is just so irritating.. he makes awkward and funny faces aftr asking a question like hes a teenage girl or briney spears... lolz just notice if u havent watched, he does a live show late nigth aswell.. i guess. Hes just annoying.

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^ Number one is PTV home

when ever switch to this channel, u see positive news, even they are not … so great piece of mind… lolz

now mubashar luqman will host that show


not for always but if you want to give some rest to your mind then tune in to PTV home but there is only one problem that when they plays buthuism promos makes me sick :(


paid commercials of Bhuto party like Gurbaat survay, Benazir incom support


Your spelling were not correct neoclue.