What happened to my torrent download speed?


I am using Qubee internet 1MB unlimited package with wifi router(also provided by Qubee). I use to download movies through torrent client like Bit-Torrent. The speed on torrent was awesome (100-130 Kb/s) until few days back. For a week, I am experiencing below 10 Kb/s download speed on Torrent(with healthy torrents). I have verified the torrent files and they are okay. Also, I have checked my internet speed on speedtest many times, and amazingly it is good (download speed around 0.7-0.9 Mbps).


I have talked to Qubee customer centre and they told me that they are not throttling my torrent traffic. I am very frustrated with this situation because its totally unacceptable.

To gave it a try, I re-installed windows after formatting Windows drive but the problem persists.

Is there any problem with my network settings or Wifi Router related settings? Can someone please give me a direction how to deal with this issue... :(


may be your over your cap?

Speedtest showing complete speed.

Another victim of the Qubee scam <_< \

These ISPs are nothing but scam artists :rolleyes:

0.99 Mb/s !

They are most probably throttling port 6969 and you can bypass this by using a proxy. If you are using utorrent then try this guide. Dont give up if one or two proxies dont work for you because those are free proxies and they dont work 100% of the times so keep trying till you strike gold :)

Also, talk to them and ask them to change your port/ switch.

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Also, talk to them and ask them to change your port/ switch.


Yes Bilal is correct...