What games you like to play on your mobile

What games you like to play on your mobile phone & please mention free and paid

Reading WiredPakistan.com, it's free.


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Reading WiredPakistan.com, it’s free.



hey Anti Apple what are you trying to say?

I’ve manage to get some vouchers for gameloft and some other gaming sites so please help me to buy good games from there if you have any experience with their games so tell/ suggest me good games for my vibrent

Angry Bird :)

I like playing "Edge" and "Pipes".

bounce game all the time :D

Snake ftw. Sudoku as well... or just any game u hav pre installed on my handset.

Thanks for reminding btw, i need to google where all the eggs r in bounce adventure lvl 27.. i jst cnt find em. :D

Deadspace on my galaxy ace :P

you galaxy & wave guys missed a very big thing recently, Samsung Apps was giving free coupons/vouchers in stores for purchasing apps and games on every new sign up

I made lots of multiple accounts in samsung apps and purchased many of games and useful apps with vouchers.. each sign up gave 25 dirhams in samsung dubai app store

it was like loty

now its over