What equipments do i need to setup and use wireless internet on

what equipments do i need to setup and use wireless internet on my Wifi enabled mobile phone within home range please recommend me cheap n good networking equipments

i have a desktop pc with ptcl 1mb ADSL connection

Which modem do you have?

If you have a Wifi modem then you'll just have to turn the wifi on and configure it on your phone.

Other wise you'll have to buy a Wifi hub.

A Wifi router such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linksys_routers

^Sort of! its not that complicated. Just go to your computer accessories dealer and ask him to provide you a WiFi router, normally it will cost you around 1800 pkr/-

Configuration also is not too much complicated.... if your device gt built in wifi connectivity then simple put on your wifi, and if your machine doesn't contain, then in your package a usb wifi adapter would also be included just connect it to your desired machine n here you go.... :)

i just have adsl modem from the PTCL

then u will need a wifi router if you are willing to use wireless internet.

do i have to run PC for this wifi router to work or just shut down pc and only works wifi router 7x24

dude you just need to buy a router...

just once configure it via pc then you can throw away the pc... no need to run pc then...

^ and what should i do to increase my wifi signal so that can i use my wifi around my neighborhood with good signal do you know any roof-mounted Wi-Fi antenna or boosters retailer here or outside Pakistan .?

armada home users don't need external antennas, they are used commercially and if you are willing to buy these type of router devices it will cost you much more...simply you just have to do is place your wifi router in a specific place where obstacles are less in height and place should be like not covered with too much walls in this case your wifi signal strength would be more affective, i have installed my router on my balcony so in this case me n my neighbors can easily access through it...