What Does Establishment means?

I am really confused about the Establishment group. Which group or people come under the establishment word.

In every political show it is used " its the role of establishment", "establishment is doing this & that."

So what is Establishment actually.

Read this: http://tinyurl.com/pakistaniestablishment

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The Establishment is THE group of People in charge and usually has much power than People in Government

best example i can give you about Those Army boys (Establishment) sitting in Rawalpindi GHQ they made Pakistan's foreign policies with their own interests via this democratic government process..

Doesn't federal Bureaucracy mean establishment?

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Doesn’t federal Bureaucracy mean establishment?





Why this word, So that you cannot get busted for directly taking the name of Army

All people that affect a country's policy making are part of establishment

وہ طبقہ جسے عرفِ عام میں اشرافیہ کہا جاتا ہے

Scapegoats (army and ISI).