What does 24-hours mean to PTCL?


Last Monday at about 11 AM, my PTCL DSL light turned off. I've complained on daily basis from that day but their response was either today or within 24 hours. I know this is common in Pakistan.......... So, I just wanna know the meaning of 24-hours from the PTCL dictionary? I think I should contact PTA over the matter. I even complained them 4 times today but still nothing happened...

Don't think just complain to PTA.... and see the result for ur self.

according to PTCL 24 hours means 24 working hours.It means about 3 days.

@Faisal.Qureshi I am waiting for the reply from PTCL through e-mail..... This is the last time....

@sshariq 24=72 in PTCL?


They require 24 Working Hours to solve the complain. That means they work from 9-5 (8 hours per day) X 3 Days = 24 Working Hours.

So their 24 hours means 24 working hours which in turn means a total of 3 days (9-5).

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Don’t think just complain to PTA… and see the result for ur self.

PTA atleast acts after 4 days now. So if one complaints today PTA will issue orders next week!

Get the no. of your nearest exchange and call them.

They solve more quickly than 1218 complains ;)

nothing going to be happened dear

u can cancel ur dsl order and then get new one it will take 7 days almose and only this one is the fastest way i know