What do you think of Nokia 2730?

Hey guys I am planning to buy Nokia 2730 classic, can anyone here suggest me how's this mobile phone ? Or if its not good then kindly recommend me another handset of the same range - 7,300 PKR

I would prefer Nokia 6303 if I were you, It looks better, have better camera and better built quality. Maybe the price is a notch or two higher than 2730, but it is worth it.

2730 is a good phone. Its very slim and light. However, its interface is a bit slow. Try Nokia C2-01 as well.

Buttons are horrible to use, bad quality camera and the battery only lasts a day if you make a couple of calls. Also i have been getting pins and needles in my hand and side of my face whilst using this phone.

On a positive note, it's quite affordable and handy one.



Nokia 2730 is really good phone to buy.This phone has everything like 3G and other features.This phone is based on symbain 40 OS.I will suggest you if you able to increase your budget than go for entry level android phone.If your budget is very tight than go for Nokia 2730.