What are the requirement to but prize bonds

what are the requirement to but prize bonds in pakistan what things we need to buy a prize bond and from where we can buy?

^ From National Savings (some other banks also have them). You need money.

You will find all the info here :D




Brother you can buy Prize Bonds from any Of National Savings Branch in your Area .. to find out Branches details ... visit www.savings.gov.pk

you can aslo buy Prize Bonds from State Bank in your city ...

and the last part of our question what is the Requirment ??

Brother as said by friend above ... that no document u need just pay and get ..... There is no Record of buyer So sate Bank and National savings are not Responsible for theft also ...

is there any age limit?

No claim the price you or your parents should have a N.I.C :D

AOA ...

Brother Hamza ... to buy prize bondz there is no age limit restriction .... as I said above buyer's record is not mentained it is therefore you just have to pay and get ... like you buy anything from an ordinary shop ...

But in case you win prize in Draw ... you will have to fill Claim Form to claim prize ammount ... and in Claim form you are required to enter your NIC # ... So brother as far as buying prize bonds is concerned there is no age limit Restriction ...

ok thanks alot

u can find all information about prize bond

First u go National saving site www.savings.gov.pk & Find Your City Baranch

2nd you find wining prize bond fell free to go http://www.prizebondpk.net

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