What are the latest website development technologies?

does anyone Know on what platform hih quality websites made ,i mean just like for example http://omg.com , www.people.com .........i mean what website technology they use.

what are latest website makig technologies

what software do they use dreamweaver??

can we make any interactive website without encoding knowlege ,if yes what is the best software ?

cant anyone answer it ......is everyone dumb here...??

my question is like on what software these very high quality websites made?........simple

is coding knowledge must??

sorry we don't know how to make "hih quality" websites

the latest technologies are XU455SPT and OPPPLe446T older ones are using php, flash, photoshop, etc etc

second they use notepad because dreamweaver is so costly:D

don't know about coding but atleast you know html

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cant anyone answer it …is everyone dumb here…???

If you act dumb by posting this kind of comments, then it will get you banned very very soon. Be careful.


technologies are same , may top websites still prefer older php versions its more graphical enhancement which count alot beside that excess usage of ajax / flash sometimes often render much advanced look

I think for the website designing you must make use of the Dreamweaver software as it is the best one with the enhanced features. For coding I think you must make use of the PHP or the ASP. net as these both are new languages and has all the latest features to do well coding for teh web site.

Dreamweaver is the best software available for website designing while PHP and ASP.Net are good programming languages for coding of the website. PHP and ASP.net have all the latest features.

There are many technologies which are used for the web site development such as PHP, ASP, ASP.net. As all these tyechnologiyes are having the better tools and features so you can develop the successful web site.

for dynamic pages people usually use PHP which is also open source and the front end of the page is coded in html and for designing CSS.

Yes you must know little know how of php coding in order to maintain or minor upgrades.

There are many latest website development technologies such as PHP, ASP, ASP.net as all these languages has the better features and the GUI application for the web site. Also it can help to create very attractive web sites.

Content management systems is the answer. They are built using php.

Drupal and Joomla are few examples, there function can be increased by huge variety of modules.

check DELETED ... they have started services in Pakistan as well. I think they are using advanced technologies for websites.

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