What are the bad effects of drinking tea

Dear Friends;

Is drinking of tea harmful for health? What are the bad effects of it?

AFAIK, there are none. However, as in everything's case, excess of everything is bad for your health, even the good things.

When taken in normal routine it does nothing. And for me it doesn't wake me up or makes me active, not even coffee.

But like JDK said overdose of everything is bad. If you overdrink tea in your daily routine then it will look as if you came from karachi! :P

ooooo..........am i being racist! :P


Both tea & coffee are actually good for health, unless if taken in excess, then they can be quite harmfull, specially coffee.

The only bad effect about tea can be that it wont let you sleep till late night....

@Ahmsun ..I believe drinking tea and darkening of skin tone is the worst concept ever. A meme spread by the illitrates. I know many fair skinned people who regularly drink tea yet there is no significance change in skin color (including me).. even British people drink tea and yet they remain goras as usual.

Tea in excess is obviously bad, but is the best thing to drink after FRESH fruit juice and water.

which tea are u talking about?

green is good as antioxidant,,

black also has theanine good for memory,,

it has been used for generatons in our cultures and still there is no scientific study on its danger or usefulnes and neither ther is any suspected disease from it,, like naswar,cigrete,gutka,,

so drink it,, btw i m an avid black tea drinker i drink by glasses not cups and when i dont drink tea i feel a bit lazy and after a long wood cutting,digging , watering chawal gandam, black tea has the best refreshing effect,,

usually take 15-20 cups daily ,, but i red somewhere in a hospital in PIMS in islamabad about not taking above 5 cups daily,,

dont know,, y that was said,, couldnt remember the logic put up by them...

my dada abu and nana abu are also ardent tea lover thy both are 90 plus and stil mentaly so sharp that they can recall any past inbcident a if it happened today,,

not sure whats the reason,,

Tea is not harmful but it is just a junk hot drink. I wonder, people are addicted to it.

I don't think tea does any harm, Buy Crack does :P

No one knows because no solid research was ever conducted about that. The only researches published in favour of tea are done by the scientists who work for tea-maker themselves!

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Dear Friends;

Is drinking of tea harmful for health? What are the bad effects of it?


Typical tea (and coffee) has caffeine (unless you drink decaff like I do :) ). Caffeine is a socially acceptable drug. Other than that, it contains many other minerals, anti-oxidant (which we proudly destroy in our over-cooking of tea). Milk tea in Pakistan is a good source of milk because we Pakistanis love milk and milk products. Besides that, you might have heard of “caffeine makes you do stupid things faster” :)

There is nothing wrong in drinking tea, as long as you drink somewhere between 2 to 4 cups of tea a day.

Who should avoid tea (or coffee, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Amrat, Red Bull etc.)?

Very young children, under the age of 4 and pregnant women should avoid caffeine. Oh yes, pregnant women should avoid caffeine at all cost. That includes all products which has caffeine or be at risk of miscarriage, even though the risk is low but why take risk? I highly stress this in my family and friends and they still take caffeine and we had two miscarriages in my cousins. Not sure about why miscarriages happened but why take risk by consuming caffeine.

However, don’t be alarm; a normal healthy adult can consume moderate number of cups tea in a day. However, try to avoid any tea after 4 or 6 PM to get a better sleep at night as caffeine has 6 to 8 hours of half-life.

And the beneficial anti-oxidants? Try to get best quality of green tea. Trust me, this is much cheaper yet a good option. Let me share a secret with you, Tapal’s Gulbhar loose-green tea leaves are awesome (at least to my taste). Use the steeping method; boil water (only water, nothing in it) for 3 minutes (3 minutes after water started boiling). Then turn off the stove, put 1 tea-spoon of green tea for 1 cup and cover the pot. After 3 minutes of steeping, strain tea to your cup and mix-in honey or normal sugar. Enjoy while it is warm. Another trick is that in winter, I warm the cup with some water in microwave and then throw away that water, so that when I pour green tea into cup it won’t steal any heat from tea (as cup is already warm, not cold).