What are legal actions could someone take in Pakistan over prank/harassments calls

What are legal actions could someone take in Pakistan over prank/harassments calls?

First make a complaint to the service provider of that number (assuming its not a private number)

"landline get a CLI device with memory so you have proof of calls".

and if possible record the converstion.

The above can be easly done on Cell phones....

if your issue is not resolved at the first step then go to PTA ( do keep in mind that you will need to show them proof of the prank calls)

lastly register an FIR .....

but in some country you can get full details of call history and recorded tapes from service provider is that same thing possible in Pakistan

call block service should be free...

^ Yeah, there isn't much you can do. when you call your service provider, they just ask you to use their call blocking service, for which YOU have to pay... <_<

No that things are not possible in Pakistan but here first you should accept the call twice and then you have to complaint to your operator.

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but in some country you can get full details of call history and recorded tapes from service provider is that same thing possible in Pakistan


Just get some android or symbian type phones and install call block app.... After onew spam or prank call u can block it :P

But i use auto answer machine app :P i want them to pay when they call me...

so that means only if some high grade Gov officer or politician receives prank or unwanted calls then law and legal actions works not for common citizens so far they can do install apps to block callss pAKISTAN zINDABAD

most of the new sets have blacklisting option, i find it quite useful

Call blocking is like telling rape victims "SHUT UP AND GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING RAPED".

Having said that, when someone in my friends or someone who I know ask me about the solution then my first answer is same, use call-blocking software. But I also tell them that this is so lame, this is not a solution. I have numerous times written to cellphone providers, PTA and newspapers (looks like they are more interested in petty things like gutter blockage or suicide bombers than this). Sadly, no positive response of whatsoever.

What I ask them (especially the PTA because it has all the powers) is to make an accountable system where people are responsible for "missed calls", "half bells", "SMS jokes/lame messages", "prank calls", "threatening SMS", "harassing calls/SMS".

Current system is in favor of cellphone service providers. They make money on the misery of victims. They are only interested in their money whether a call or SMS is no matter how annoying or harassing. There is no law. There is no guidelines by PTA. Cellphone calls and SMS is new way to stalk, harass, annoy, disturb other people. And guess what, government is only interested in suicide bombers and terrorist. Leaving the ground for every other bast**d to make it mess of gutter.

Maybe, if more and more people write about this subject to PTA and CC it to all cellphone service provider companies, Prime Minister, President, Minister for IT, Geo TV, Aaj TV, Dawn, Jang and few other newspapers then maybe they'll pick up the story if there are few hundred people who are complaining about it.

For God sake, India now has laws to protect its citizen. Why can't Pakistan? I know we don't have Anna Hazare but really we need to have to cross the line before anything can be solve?

My suggestions:

1) Call blocking should be free of charge by cellphone service provider.

2) There is already a law that make all cellphone service provider to keep record of all phones and SMS. PTA needs to make sure that companies keep record of at least last 3 years.

2) There should be a complaint center by PTA, where any citizen of Pakistan can launch a complaint (from phone calls, email, fax, or physical presence) about a phone number for any complaint that I mentioned above, including "half bells, miss calls, annoying/harassing/threatening SMS/calls". The victim do not need to provide any evidence as the PTA can ask the cellphone service providers to show the records of assailant number and take actions (including but not limited to):

a) Clear warning by PTA on first complaint.

B) Disconnection of all phones numbers on that CNIC number.

c) Fine of at least Rs. 100,000 to maximum of Rs. 1,000,000.

d) If the assailant keep repeating it from other phones numbers too then put him in jail for minimum of 6 months or maximum of 3 years.

If a victim is not satisfied with the result of PTA or assailant thinks he is victim then they can appeal directly to High Court and then Supreme Court. The record from cellphone service provider should be use as evidence and should be consider as final. The records of victim's cellphone and assailant's cellphone should not be consider as evidence.

I think this will cover a huge number of cases and this will do the justice.

If you agree then please email to PTA and CC (as I mentioned above). Increasing the number of complaints will pressurize the government to take some serious and positive action.

I got a 5 lakh inaam call the other day. I started cursing in Khalis Punjabi. Gave me mental satisfaction!

^ I only agree with your first suggestion #1

All others can be abused in reverse way.