What are good website for checking mobile prices in pakistan

anybody know any good website for checking mobile prices in pakistan?



Yea www.whatmobile.com.pk and www.hamariweb.com are very good sites to check mobile prices.







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why not check it directly, unitedmobile.com and mobilezone.com

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why not check it directly, unitedmobile.com and mobilezone.com

Not better than whatmobile.com.pk as more user attractive & full range of market sets. Either of warranty provider.

Ck samsung range at unitedmobile site & then ck out at whatmobile site. You can see the clear difference. unitedmobile have only 3 sets there.

Basically they advertising their warranty & services not sets full range & pricing.

My perception is Right or wrong.

www.whatmobile.com.pk is the best !!!

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www.whatmobile.com.pk is the best !!!


www.hamaramobile.com is the best one :)

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www.hamaramobile.com is the best one :)

cuz its yours and a copy of whatmobile??

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you could also try homeshopping.pk

Dont know much about the prices though but have got phones from HTC, google, Nokia..etc

Yes all the websites are not Good enough and have confirmed information also. Some of the most popular websites in Pakistan are reliable like http://karachi.mobile-phones-pakistan.com

I have also seen some Indian websites related to Mobile Phone Industry that are getting popular day by day. Like here is a Mobile phone Prices site


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