Wet Betry pfloting problem

salam anyone tell me what is the reasone why UPS dont cut old betryies. i have HOmage 2 kv ups with 1 year old betries gravity level 12 + and one cell is week. and ups keep charging doesnt cut. any one can help to cut charging betrry .and to reach floating level

Thats because 1 cell is weak

UPS charge full cut-out circuit senses battery voltage and cuts off charging when battery voltage reaches set limit (typically 14.5 volts/battery for local UPS). With a bad cell, battery voltage will never reach that set limit so UPS will keep trying to charge battery forever, which will overheat battery / boil electrolyte. As temporary measure, you can reduce cut-out set point to some lower voltage which battery can reach, but battery will then not be fully charged and will give less run time.

you have two options now either change batteries or take your UPS to service center and ask them to decrease cut off voltage

Any other method that can do at home

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Without knowing your technical skills and equipment availability, it could be dangerous for you to adjust the cut-off voltage at home as there are high voltages and high currents inside the UPS.