Well this aint a farewell

as u guys know from http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1086 that i am a hafiz and was planin to re-join madrassa... and i did... my scedhule has been to tight to and thts why i have a silent for couple ov days...

well i dont think i was much help around WP but it became part of me very quickly... when i joined it i didnt knew tht this wud b one of the thins tht i cud i ever leave...

i will try to contribute but seein my current scedhule i really doubt it... this is no "goodbye" but a mere "see you later"...i really missed WP last couple ov days, i did tried to cum online but i never succeeded, i do hope that once my bio-clock get stable ill b able to atleast cum online on sundays...



Good luck!

Once you get on with it gradually you will adjust and start finding time

Good Luck chumz,

see ya later and keep it up!

good luck to u

ok man good bye, good to know you are hafiz tke care,

as per your link which states that you want to do computer courses so which madarasa you are joining to do that, c'ause i am interested in A+ cpmputer technician certification.

GUd Bye dude

but what about ur blog will u update it............:)

Good luck! And I'm sure you'll manage the time :D

Good luck buddy.

adios dude,,,

Good luck. You will learn to manage your time better, soon.

well i m not feeling very well so i was home 2day and thts why i got online...... any how THANX 2 all


i have joind the madrasa which is near to my home and the imam of our neighborhood mosque teaches there. and for computer cources, i started tht thread to ask abt institutes but no suggestions came.


ill b updatin it when ill have time....