Well PTCL Goes too much Local

i have never been so much disappointed by the services of ptcl broadband

basically a user who ordered a connection back in 2007 worked perfectly till last month

lots of complains

no noise interference

fiber optic

4mbps package used to be 1 mbps in the start

perfect line condition and SNR margins

most of all

Speedtest.net shows 4.1 mbps download from PTCL own Islamabad based server

whilst 1mbps upload to same server

when it has to go global = 60 kbps 70 and even sometimes 300 kbps

so much for the variance..

pathetic pings

high load time.

i wonder why ptcl is going for rapid expansion by killing its loyal current customer base.

setting up dns servers or flushing dns hasnt solved the issue .

some users also complain for wateen,qubee, witribe but yeah i used wateen 2mb too in an area where i get full good quality signals, they promise fully for what they are commited to make services perfect unless like ptcl.. like 240 Kb/s all the time .. i am using ptcl 4mb too now, its going to be downloading as 450 or 350 or 180 kB/s on fibre. also good but not constant . i mean to say ptcl is teasing all of their clients , when a customers order 4 mb dsl then what we get speed of 2mb or less, and what they say is that their port is not upgraded and then we do start making complains to 1218 and 1236 , #$%# ptcl ..one way or another customers are not getting what they acquired to get so.


Well I am also having the same problem with my dsl 4mbps for about a month now and I have been complaining about it. I think it has been 4 days since I sent an email to assistant GM DSL and cc to complaints.suggestions@ptcl..... about frequent disconnection problem although all seems right all attenuation and snr margins and yes I am also receiving major CRC errors in upstream and downstream as well. I don't know if he has received the email or the complaint section took some notice. But the line man is calling for about 2 days that we are working on your line and this might cause some further problems which will be solved till monday. But I think there is no problem with my line and the problem lies with the dns servers. Because when I ping dns gateway, mine is using CMD it shows frequent spikes in the ping.

Today I was getting higher ping 150 - 350 ms on all dns servers. It might be because of either they are working on the line or the problem is getting much worse. I was thinking that I should shift from ptcl to nayatel but the packages they are offering does not fulfill my requirements of bandwidth. I might just wait for a week or 2 then I will look forward to shift to nayatel if the problem persists, as there is non better ISP service provider.

So, my opinion would be to send an email to complaints.suggestions@ptcl .... about the dns server and gateway problem if yours is the same as I have mentioned above.