Weird YouTube problem

I faced a weird YouTube problem today. Me and my friend are on the same connection, just two different PCs. He is able to watch certain movies which when I try to see says "We're sorry, this video is no longer available". I mean WTH....we are using same internet.....on LAN....and he can watch video while I cannot!!!

This happened for like 20-30 movies today :|

Try reading this:

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Try reading this:

Although I am not using GWA but the problem is solved after I put “&fmt=18” at the end of URL.

it happens because of cache either at isp side or yours!

it happens some times if video deleted by their uploader and &fmt=18 is for viewing videos in HD mood on YouTube its a trick

When I first faced this problem, refreshing a couple of times played the video, so it might be that sometimes if the same video is being viewed by many users, or if the server where the video is saved is overloaded you might get this error. But this also occurs on some videos which are country restricted.

You can download the videos (even in h264 HQ) from a site like