Weird government

Salaam brothers,

I see that no one is discussing politics here. We are being ruled by worst people on the planet. Well, thats what has to happen but the question is, should we be quiet and watch the whole movie till it finishes us and our country? I do not belong to a political party. OK, lets discuss what should a leader do to be an ideal leader but before that, lets me tell you something about current leaders.

1) fake degrees

2) liars (its obvious, if anyone shows fake degree.that means he/she is a liar. so can a liar be a leader?)

3) corrupt (everyone is aware of how many cases of corruption has been registered during 2 year tenure)

4) nothing for health and education in budget but increase in cars for leaders

5) inflation (poor cant afford daal channa)

6) no jobs

7) no progress, no projects, no nothing

8) everyone knows about the shortage of electricity. still, they closed businesses but no plans for power projects

9) No prayers, no religion, no deen emaan etc

10) IMF loans started again

11) playing games with judges and law

12) living a lavish life as living is president houses, governor houses etc

13) rich people ruling over the poor and not knowing what life poor people are spending

and points go on....

i don't understand that each person knows each one of these leaders then how come they get votes? they must be paying money for getting votes and then they earn it illegally when they rule. its like an investment.

When will this investment stop? is there no one to come as a leader of faith and intelligence? is immigration a solution to this? middle class will leave and the country will be left with two kind of people. rich ones and poor ones to be ruled by rich. Rich will never educate them as it will go against their plans for ruling the country in future. can anyone tell me whats going on and what should we do in this situation?


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