Wedding related advice

Hi, I’m getting married soon in Lahore.
And I need help with 2 issues

  1. I need an economical photographer who charges no more than 30k/day
  2. I need to buy a platinum ring for my to be husband and need suggestions on where to find it in Lahore in economical prices. Kindly mention alternatives for platinum as well if any.

Thanks in advance.

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t recieve any help from our community.

I would’ve gladly helped you, but I’m located in Karachi & thus cannot guide you accurately.

I hope you find the info you require soon, here or elsewhere.

Oh, and best of luck for the marriage! :slight_smile:

1 - Not familiar with photographers in Lahore. Scour Facebook/Instagram for wedding coverage and their work samples.
2 - Platinum (white gold) is better option. Don’t know jewellery shops in Lahore. Ask your familial/relatives/friends/social circles for family jeweler recommendations in Lahore.

Congrats on the upcoming marriage! :slight_smile: