I was wondering if most of the webmasters on this web forum write their own content or out source it. If you are outsourcing it who are you getting to write and at what rates.

Interesting question....

Normally the Rates! of Web Content Outsourcing is about $1/100 words which you can negotiate if you have work in bulk quantities! i know many of good Pakistani Content Writers who are working sufficiently within this rate by providing genuine and authentic content

Very few responses, I guess I was hoping to get some input from serious webmasters who do this work instead of a Day Job. Haven't seen very many Pakistani sites with quality content, The few that I see are great with good potential. Do you people think that it is easy to find quality content writers as full time workers and what would the rates be for something like that. Also how much are web developers in Pakistan costing these days.

It depends upon the niche of the site, I have different article writers from Pakistan and India for my new websites and probably some expensive writers from Canada who are pretty good but its almost double rates around $8 for 500 Word article.

Web developers cost as much as you will hire from other place, There might be some chances of discounted rates but not much.