Webmaster Tools

Here I Find Many Tools in One Place These are useful tools that are free. :)

AdSense Sandbox

Analytics Globe

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

CSS Compressor

Diff Comparison

DNS Lookup

DNS Zone Transfer

EXIF Reader


Geo Visitors

HTTP Headers

Hit Counter

JavaScript Compressor


Phone Home

Site Search Engine

Search Engine Position Tracker



Change ** into tt


Thanks a lot for sharing the links, extremely helpful in preforming SEO....

Only for losers. SEO is Far behind from these tools

Thanks for sharing your information.. But i want to ask that what is the tool of SEO...

These tools use in seo but not in ranking if you need seo ranking then you need some other tools and these tools prices is very high.

I have subscription of http://www.seoclarity.net/ and http://www.hitwise.com/us/

These both tools works fine for me.

consider any tool before using it. it could cost your a lot in terms of banning your website on google or other search engine. tools are harmful in long-term seo compaign.

There are lot of sites providing the Whois details of the domain. I used to get the information of a domain from the site WhoisXY.com where they are providing the whois lookups, IP address and the domain host lookups for numerous counts.