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I was just looking for a good hosting company for with cheap packages and best facilites for my website and while searching on the google i reached a website which is offering cheap web hosting my budget was low so i checked this website and found very suitable but i am still not sure whether i should buy the domain from this company packages are cheap and they are offering 24/7 support and many other facilities which are necessary i want your suggestion about this site please guide me thanks.

Seems too limited, only 50GB monthly bandwidth. No add-on domains. Everything is too restricted. See http://x10premium.com/plans or search for some other good web-host.

you can check WebSolHub.com for affordable packages, premium features and local payment options.

We also offer Web hosting services in Pakistan, Our Company Kalhost is one of quality based web hosting company in Pakistan.

The Free trial is available for your Evolution.

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