We don’t need 3g in Pakistan – Exclusive Report

There’s been a’lot of debate in Pakistan for the need of 3g in Pakistan, before going ahead, let me say, we are living in a country where the literacy rate is tremendously low, we have been greatly affected by terrorism, internal conflicts, war on terror, poverty and political/social instability.

Well I know, The world is moving to 4G now, and we are still been forced to use outdated 2G technology which has recently crossed 20 years since it’s launch. But ask yourself do we really need 3g?.

I know, most of the people reading my article are from well established family, if not, then I’m sure they are better then most of the people living in the country which don’t even have food for 3 times in a day to eat.

I know, how much important 3g technology can be for them, they can have video calls, shorten distances, faster data rates mean better synchronization with the staff members and thus effective and better business management and other stuff and so does the entertainment for them.

But hey, ask yourself, don’t the Government have already provided you these services on the move?

PTCL which has played a big role in improving data services in Pakistan, has already launched many services

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terrorism, internal conflicts, war on terror, poverty and political/social instability.

I personally think this 3g technology would be the nice option for government to keep this nation more busy on the move So people wouldn’t pay attentions on country’s external/internal issues and their corruptions…

Moving from 2G to 3G will only be a improvement to our country, so i don't see how that can be bad...

^ but pointless.....

Lets just skip 3G and switch over to 4G.. much faster and we have already done some investment in this type of service aka Wimax.

.........and observe the influx of crappier companies like Qubee, wi-tribe, wateen etc.

'Blasphemy of broadband'.

You listed PTCL Evo's 3 devices as 3 services. That's like saying Warid provides so many internets

Nokia E63 EDGE

Apple iPhone EDGE

Samsung Galaxy S EDGE... You get the idea.

The coverage of all these services is very very limited, and they usually just overlap each other. They barely extend beyond major cities, most of them don't even cover complete cities.

No, we absolutely don't need 3G in paksitan as we should directly move to 4g. :) But still 3G or 4G it is pointless less than 1% of total population will use it.

How many people will use the service isn't your concern that's for telecom operators so just think from your prospective Yes we do need better services like 3G or 4g as i have seen hell lot of people who can even write their names and they are doing sms and mms thingy so they need to offer the service people will find how to use it :)

Look at the operator services first? ufone service is so so terrible..how will they provide 3g .. a big lol

^but the only one with the potential to provide the 3g is ufone. As it is a subsidary of PTCL which is owned by etisalat. so it is semi-govt. type of organisation. I believe in paksitan private sector is never let fly high accept the govt. or semi-govt. organizations.

Or the second one i believe who will try to introduce 3g will be zong.

And the other s like telenor and warid will let the clients live in fools heaven, with sms and call packages.

And mobilink will not update till the market has increased demand of 3G network.

IMO...Telenor seems to bring some good data revolution in-terms of quality..it is evident by past experience and its popularity in Data rates, that Telenor has the potential to turn the tables... There were news that Telenor is working in Islamabad on 3G project... But is late already...wat ever they do, any of the telecoms giant, it should role in this technology really soon...Apart from that a Government Cabinet has also been set-up for auctioning the 3G licenses...