Water for batteries


Can i put water from Wasa filters, in my battery?

Wasa filters only filter. They dont add minerals.

The plants are Japanese filtration plants.

The filtered water does not taste like Nestle etc.

So i assume its safe to use.

Is it?

Get battery water bottles from your nearest petrol station. :)

The battery water bottles are easily available but i will recommend not to use em because most of them have tap water in them, the problem starts when you add mineral water or tap water which contains salts and other things its best that you use water from AC as it is only water without minerals and salt...

Isn't the water from WASA filtratoin plant okay? Thats a Japanese filtration plant. It just filters water from WASA hose. The source water is already clean. Some big gun in my area had ensured installation of filtration plant. Maybe he was fed up with bottled water and associated costs. It was World Bank project i guess.

The water available in markets is not trustworthy. The bottles have normal lids. No seal etc.

None of my batteries worked for more than a year. So it must be something with the water.

Distilled Water should be your first choice. But i am using normal Tap Water without having any problems. :)

I use normal water as well even though I know its not recommended. No problems so far with my current battery (1.5 yrs old).

If you use tap water, you will not face any problem but seemlessly it decreases efficiency and capacity of a battery. Battery takes much longer times for full charging than normal.

Wasa plants whatever they are imported from Japan or somewhere else, they are designed to filter bacteria and to kill viruses. But if they also filter minerals to make distilled water, then manually some useful minerals are added as pure distilled water is not good for stomach. Since water table in lahore is not salty, these plants do not filter minerals. So, tap water contains minerals. Water table is full of minerals.

Hence look for a reliable place to get batter water? maybe hall road then? is that what you recommend blogger?

I do not know any reliable place. Everybody seems like nasty crook to me. Hall road is not a place for battery dealers. Visit Mcload road or college road.

May be you can use boiled water if water in your area is sweet which means it has low concentration of minerals. Batteries can last for more than 2 years with such water. It's now exactly two years, my batteries are still working but with reduced efficiency. They take 20-24 hours to get fully charged.

normal water has minerals and other salts which are dangrous to battery,, wasa does not removes the minerals they jst filter it for gand,and germs,, minerals in drinking watrer are must,,

battery needs no mineral,, only distilled water,,

buy from any shop near petrol pump distiled water,

Got an idea. I should contact someone in some science lab. They will have access to proper distilled water.

Moreover, i just realized that filtered water does not mean distilled water. Seems like i should have worked harder in elementary school.

but its dirt cheap i think a litre of distilled water from auto shops cost 50-60 rs ..