Water Filteration Systems for Homes and Apartments

Eid Mubarak to all members.

Here is my question. Is there anyone using these water filers/Reverse osmosis systems in their homes? What company has the best product? What are the costs? I am interested in a three stage filtering system for at least the kitchen. We are moving from overseas and want to make sure kids don't get sick for the first year or so.

Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


i hv "So SAfe", 3 filter processing . you can find in Saddar regal area.

3 Stages are -

1 - Sand Filter - which comes in two quality, "Ceramic" Company name "doulton" (cost your around 800 Rs but its worth it- Longlife - Clean as Mineral Bottle .) - dont buy the standard thread(cotton or fabric).

2 - Smell Filter - Carbon filter . same evey where .

3 - UV filter - Electic light killin some bacteria . i dont know .

I bought 3 - 4 years back . 6000 somthing with fittings.