Wateen's area performance query?!?!?!

salam guys , wassup ?

i wanted to know wateen's performance in gulshan area , more specifically behind BAIT-UL-MUKARAM MASJID in gulshan-e-iqbal i.e: block 8 , i shifted in this area 3-4 days and have disconnected my Worldcall cable connection for month so for time being i have to rely on wimax connection , have used qubee , wi-tribe and wateen and was satisfied with wateen's performance from all 3 , just wanted to know how is their performance in this area anyone using wateen connection in this area or nearby pls post ur honest reviews i might get the modem by monday hopefully and also if u guys think or any other better options for this area pls let me know ...

thanks alot , awaits ur helpful replies :D