Wateen Wimax USB settings

Can someone post the settings for Wateen USB dongle? Someone is coming over to my place with his laptop so I can install the usb drivers but he also does not have the settings to connect it to the internet once he has the usb installed. He basically borrowed the dongle from someone who was going out of the city so he cant ask him for settings.

no need for the setting just download the driver from the official site and plug the usb dongle and you are ready to go if the signals are not the issue :P

getting 2 signals only and it keeps saying searching for network.

What about user name password settings?

how many % signals are you getting???

move your location and when the signals get stable click on connect and when you would be connected to Wimax just open the Internet explorer and the login page would displayed in front of you just type your username and password and simply login