Wateen Wimax Installed As Outdoor Unit?/

I want to have WATEEN WIMAX but when I called upon WATEEN WIMAX team to install it at my home,the said that signals are too weak to install wimax.So they say that they will have to install it as OUTDOOR UNIT.

I have not given any payment until now.Please guide me in this regard.

Wateen team is saying that I 'll have to pay roundabout 8700R.s with 768Kps and 4GB download for istllation as OUTDOOR UNIT.

Should I get it????And another question I want to ask that Will I be able to enjoy WATEEN TELEPHONY SERVICES within 8700R.s. initials....???

Their website says that I 'll have to pay extra ATA charges for TELEPHONY SERVICES of about 2999R.s in addition to customary CPE device intial charges of 3999R.s.

Plz guide me through this??

I am much confused!!!!!

dude why dont u ask this in the wateen thread ??????

ask it there and many of us will guide you........

i m answering it there chk it out..............

Please use the dedicated Wateen thread in the Internet Service forum.